And the car market, SUV market compared to, MPV market is a very special field, in this area, the basic brand can be said to dominate the world, in addition to Buick GL8, Honda Odyssey, Volkswagen Touran and other small joint venture models can barely squeeze 20, all other products are independent. This month is no exception, in the sales charts, the top ten are all-owned brand. GL8 in September also got the first 10, this month was squeezed out. Odyssey, Touran, Ellis this month have different degrees of decline, especially the latter two significant decline. And the whole market compared to a joint venture brand this month be regarded as collective silence. In its own brand, in addition to SAIC-GM-Wuling Wuling Hongguang, Po Chun 730 fit lotus twin cam crank, the number of Changan Automobile Auchan, Ounuo two "brothers" the most eye-catching performance, the basic monthly sales of more than 10,000 bicycles sit tight in the entire ranking List of the top five list. Beiqiweiwan M30 also performed well, but this month, a slight decline from the third drop to sixth. Beiyuxiangxiang Huan magic speed H3 is also very alarming, from October last year after listing, sales increased month by month, breaking 9,000 in September this year, breaking the million mark in October. And his good brother H2 seems not so good luck, this month only made 1103 of the results, came in 24th place. With the speed of the brother of the brand faster than the introduction of the M series fit steel crankshaft lotus twin cam, Beiqi Silver Cheung can continue to do anything in this area? We will wait and see. From the sales ranking can be clearly seen, MPV market or independent brands in the world, the most important reason is the price, low price advantage of independent brands so that joint-venture brands are always crowded into the market. While the largest contribution to the independent MPV model fit ford escort crankshaft sales, there is no doubt that even the second and third tier cities and even the private owners of the township. In the past, many of them in the traditional micro-surface-oriented, until they face when the transfer, naturally locked in the micro-surface with the autonomy of the MPV body, 3-6 million price, power configuration look comfortable Degrees in all aspects of micro-surface than the more excellent, cost-effective. SAIC-GM-Wulings two cars success, are effective in this.