Yeah! ewe They didnt take me that long to do either, which was nice! :o 

Im definitely gonna post them here sometime if I can and think of it! :D I cant right now though, since Im writing from my iPad. ;o; I figured Id get this written now before Thomas gets here, in case I dont get a chance or dont have the energy to write later. uvu 

Melissa, Mum and I are going to church soon though, since Melissa has to be an alter server and Mum and I have to help set some stuff up beforehand and clean some stuff up afterwards. :o 

Its been really muggy and foggy out today, and it was poooouring this morning. D: I thiiink its supposed to be nice out tomorrow though, so thats good! :D

Anyway, I think Im gonna stop writing here for now so I can finish everything Im doing before I have to go to church. I miiiight get more written here later, but Im not sure if Ill have a chance to in the end or not! ;u; 

Either way though, Ill be on again tomorrow for sure! :D Ill try to get more written here then if I can, but Im gonna be with Thomas most of tomorrow too, so Im not sure if Ill have enough energy to write a lot, aha. xD

Bye guys! owo